Prof. Frank Chindamo,
Founder/CEO: LaughMD

Probably no one else has top-level experience in comedy (SNL, Ghostbusters, 30+ comedy awards,) Academia (USC, UCLA, Chapman U., etc.) app production, science and business (3x successful startups so far.).
Ms. Sue E. Goodin

Ms. Sue E. Goodin
Co-Founder & CEO — Progressive Health, LLC
Sue E. Goodin’s 30 years in health care have turned her into a true visionary, drastically improving how physicians, nurses, and other professionals manage stress and burnout.

Prof. Dr. Robert H. Schiestl

Prof. Dr. Robert H. Schiestl
University of Vienna, Austria
Dr. Schiestl earned his Ph.D. in Biology and Genetics in 1983 from the University of Vienna, Austria. He is now an Emeritus Professor of Pathology, Environmental Health, and Radiation Oncology.

Dr. Barry Lachman

Dr. Barry Lachman
President, Lachman Community Development and Consulting Services
Dr. Lachman is Medical Director of Parkland Community Health Plan (PCHP) in Dallas, TX. He has over 40 years experience in providing care, program development and administration and advocacy for underserved populations.

Lori Beth Irvin

Ms. Lori Beth Irvin
Founder and CEO of LBIngenuity
Lori Beth Irvin is the Founder and CEO of LBIngenuity, a growth marketing agency for the aging services industry. With over 20+ years of experience in healthcare, Lori Beth has a reputation for reputation for building brands.

Ms. Minerva kelada

Ms. Minerva kelada
chief medical officer for imperial county medical groupPast clinical instructor UCSD
Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the medical practice industry. Skilled in Clinical Research, Medical Education, Strategic Planning, Medicine, and Public Speaking.

Dr. Charles Hale

Dr. Charles Hale
President of Hale Consulting Solutions LLC
Charles Hale is a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in the healthcare, cybersecurity, and prompt engineering domains. With a career spanning over 20 years, he has showcased remarkable leadership skills.


Ms. Barbara De Groot
Nursing educator at Carrington College in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Barbara earned her associate’s degree in nursing in 1992, and over the past 30 years, she has continued to further her education. 

Dr. Sahar Mohmed_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Dr. Sahar Mohmed
Capital Health
Speech Title: TBA

Dr. Priyanka Hemant Pansare_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Dr. Priyanka Hemant Pansare
General Practitioner | MBBS, MPC, NLP
Speech Title: The Role of Social Sustainability in uplifting Healthcare workers and Patients

Mr. Carlo A Piraino_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Dr. Carlo A Piraino
Speech Title: The importance of Leadership Rounding in a Hospital

Ms. Nina Sargent_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Ms. Nina Sargent
Mayo Clinic International – Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City
Speech Title: Destination Medical Center: Establishing Nursing Best Practice by Building a Nursing Model of Care

Ms. Amaya Meléndez Moreno_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Ms. Amaya Meléndez Moreno
Nurse, Hospital Universitario La Paz
Speech Title: To Be Announcd

Mr. Charles Hale_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Mr. Charles Hale
President and Founder of Hale Consulting Solutions LLC
Speech Title: To Be Announced

Dr. Barry Lachman_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Dr. Barry Lachman
President and CEO at Lachman Community Development and Consulting Services
Speech Title: To Be Announced

Dr. Udim Isang_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Dr. Udim Sang
CEO & Founder of Sunny Therapeutics
Speech Title: To Be Announced

Prof. Karla Montsserrat Jiménez_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Prof. Karla Montsserrat Jiménez
CEO and Director at Sintonía Wellness Center
Speech Title: The biopsychosocial approach to patients, a pending issue in the Mexican healthcare system

Dr. Minerva Kelada_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Dr. Minerva Kelada
Chief Medical Officer for Imperial County Medical Group
Speech Title: To Be Announced

Dr. Eloise Elaine Phillips_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Dr Eloise Elaine Phillips
Associate Professor at University of Birmingham (Dubai)
Speech Title: Nursing and the journey to Advanced Practitioner

Prof. Mark Che Bruce _14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Prof. Mark Che Bruce
Assistant Professor at University of Birmingham
Speech Title: Unveiling the Value of Advanced Clinical Practice in Healthcare

Ms. Roua Hassan Aman_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Ms. Roua Hassan Aman 
Eastern Health Cluster, Saudi Arabia
Speech Title: To Be Announced

Dr. Mary Sukumar_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Dr. Mary Sukumar
Education Specialist @ Hartford Healthcare CESI | CPHQ, CMQ, Simulation Instructor
Speech Title: Enhancing Communication Skills for Patient Transporters Through Simulation-based Training

Dr. Noor Al-Khori_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Dr. Noor Al-Khouri
Sidra Medicine
Speech Title: To Be Announced

Dr. Sinem Eroglu _14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Dr. Sinem Eroglu
Ege University
Speech Title: Group Work Experience in Creating A Patient Safety Culture With Creative Drama Technique: A Mixed Method Study

Prof. Asmaa. Alyaemni_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Prof. Asmaa. Alyaemni
Speech Title: Health Systems for Elderly in Arabian Gulf Region


Speaker Slot Available


Speaker Slot Available


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Speaker Slot Available

Day 1 Speakers


Dr. Sahar Mohmed
Capital Health
Speech Title: Sepsis Seize the golden hour, hit fast and hard

Dr. Barbara De Groot-_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Dr. Barbara De Groot
Doctor of Nursing Practice candidate at the University of Missouri in Kansas City
Speech Title: Improving Fall Risk Assessment to ReduceFalls in Assisted Living Communities Abstract


Prof. Robert H. Schiestl
UCLA Center of Occupational and Environmental Health
Speech Title: YEL002 in Health and Sanity


Prof. Frank Chindamo
Founder & Chief Creative Officer, LaughMD
Speech Title: If Laughter is the Best Medicine, Why Not Try it as Medicine?


Ms. Sue E. Goodin
CEO, ResilienceONE™
Speech Title: Tools for Reducing Employee Burnout


Dr. Rasha Bishara Ibrahim Bishara
Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City SSMC , Mayo Clinic, UAE
Speech Title: Febrile Convulsions


Mr. Abdelrahman Idriss
Internal medicine/ICU consultant at SEHA, MD, Adult critical care fellowship, EDIC, ELSO, ID Diploma RCPI, UAE
Speech Title: Nutritional support in ICU

Dr. Yahya Sayed Ghazanfar_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Yahya Sayed Ghazanfar
CEO | Healthcare Technology Management Leader with Expertise in Clinical and Biomedical Engineering
Speech Title: Interactive Healthcare Technology management (IHTM) systems


Dr. Mohita Shrivastava
Neuroscience Expert Founder of Cognitome Program CEO, Cognitome LLC, UAE
Speech Title: The Cognitome Program: A novel intervention approach for the therapeutics & management of issues related to Cognitive Control in the disorders of Brain & Mind

Dr. Barry Lachman_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Dr. Barry Lachman
President and CEO at Lachman Community Development and Consulting Services, USA
Speech Title: Environmental Equity and Health Disparity

Dr. Charles Hale_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Dr. Charles Hale
President of Hale Consulting Solutions LLC
Speech Title: Securing Patient Data: Navigating HIPAA in the Age of Cybersecurity


Ms. Lori Beth Irvin
Founder & CEO | LBIngenuity
Speech Title: Elevating the Healthcare Workforce with Smart Internal Communications


Day 2 Speakers


Professor Dr. Ibrahim El Bayoumy
Tanta University, Egypt
Speech Title: The effect of educational intervention educational program using WhatsApp on adherence to anti-diabetic drugs in primary health care units


Dr. Minerva kelada
chief medical officer for imperial county medical group Past clinical instructor UCSD, USA
Speech Title: progression of health care in USA quick review of past and present


Ms. Jete Vaughn
CEO | Healthcare Technology Management Leader with Expertise in Clinical and Biomedical Engineering
Speech Title: From Speech Impediment to a Public Speaker with a Master’s Degree


Dr. Mohita Shrivastava
Neuroscience Expert Founder of Cognitome Program CEO, Cognitome LLC, UAE
Speech Title: The Cognitome Program: A novel intervention approach for the therapeutics & management of issues related to Cognitive Control in the disorders of Brain & Mind

Dr. Nashi Alreshidi_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Dr. Nashi Alreshidi
Vice President of Nursing Hail Health Cluster,SAUDIA Arabia
Speech Title: Nurses’ perception of nursing manager behavior and nursing job satisfaction in Hail Health

Cluster, KSA

Dr. Ian J. Lynch_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Dr. Ian J. Lynch
Tripler Army Medical Center, USA
Speech Title: It’s Time to Make Sleep a Vital Sign: Continuing Clinical Excellence through Evidence-based Practice


Ms. Raheela Hashmi
Mediclinic Alnoor JCIA Hospital, UAE
Speech Title: Significance of implementing, international patient safety goals in outpatient care setting at Mediclinic Alnoor, JCIA Hospital

Ms. Hazera Akter Mukta_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Ms. Hazera Akter Mukta
Medical Laboratory Technologist GULF CARE DIAGNOSTIC CENTER LLC
Speech Title: Male Infertility related with Y-Chromosome Microdeletion


Ms. Mary Fisher
Speech Title: APP FEWLLOWSHIP Recruitment Pitfalls



Ms. Annette Van Ginkel
Princess Noorah University, Riyadh, UAE
Speech Title:
The Effect of Nursing Shortage On Deliver Quality Care Of Patients


Dr. Noor Alkhori
Sidra Medicine
Speech Title:
The Role of the Radiologist in cases of Child Abuse

Dr. Amy M. Richards_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Dr. Amy M. Richards
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Speech Title:
I’m More Than Just a Name: Creating Connections with Online Student.


Dr. Noor Alkhori
Sidra Medicine
Speech Title:
Best Practices in the Clinical Management of Breast Health


Dr. Sadie Elisseou
Primary care physician in the Boston VA healthcare system

Speech Title: Trauma-Informed Hospital Leadership


Sheikh Khalifa Specialty hospital, UAE
Speech Title:
Automation in Pharmacy services


Dr. Monica Jolly
Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)
Speech Title: Debunking the myths surrounding Organic And Inorganic Foods


MR. Mohamed Magdy
Executive MBA | B.Sc. Pharm | MCIM | Digital Strategist | Data Scientist | author and founder of YouTube Channel | Marketing
Speech Title: Omnichannel Marketing in Pharma and Healthcare; a myth or a true vision of inspiration!


ME Organizing Secretariat, UCGCONFERENCES, Jordan
Speech Title: The Effect of Nursing Shortage On Deliver Quality Care Of Patients


President, The Zechman Group, and CEO of Mergestone Group Ft. Myers, Florida, USA
Speech Title: Driven by Compassion – 8 Values For Successful Healthcare Servant Leaders.


Dr. Evangelia Michailidou
ICU Director at General Hospital of Agrinio, Anaesthesiologist
Speech Title:
Toxic Incumbents on Hospital Work Environment (What to Do)


Walid Hamza Abdelhafez
Director, Country Customer Experience & Field Engagement, Egypt
Speech Title: Advancing Customer Centricity in Global Pharma Healthcare: Five Key Concepts for 2023 and Beyond


Dr. Lizabeth Reents
CHSE CNE CCRNk Adjunct Nursing Professor for Lab, Simulation, and Clinical University of Washington Bellevue College
Speech Title: Simulation And Improving Clinical Judgment In Prelicensure Nursing Students: A Mixed Method Approach

MS. MARIA SHEILA GARCIA_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Founder of PurHeart
Speech Title: To be Anounced

Ms. Firouzeh Jalali_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Ms. Firouzeh Jalali
peech Title: Host manipulation hypothesis in hospital Infections

Ms. Minu Basi_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Founder of LRS Wellness
Speech Title: LRS Revolutionizing Wellness

Ms. Layla AlAhmed_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Ms. Layla AlAhmed
Basar Bin Abi Artaa, Tuwiq Dist. Riyadh
Speech Title: To Be Announced

Ms. Roua Aman_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Ms. Roua Aman
Eastern Health Cluster, Saudi Arabia
Speech Title: The impact of research in the development of nursing care

Mr. Carl Dowling_13th-World-Healthcare-Hospital-Management-Nursing-and-Patient-Safety-Conference

Mr. Carl Dowling
Paramedic/ Resuscitation Trainer
Speech Title: To Be Announced


Previous edition 12th International Nursing, Healthcare & Patient Safety Conference

Day 1 Speakers


Dr. Barbara M De Groot
Ardent Health Services
Speaker Title: Improving Fall Risk Assessment To Reduce Falls In Assisted Living Communities


Ms. Heba Al-Zamel
MSN .CIC .CPHQ .policy consultant. Infection Control Practitioner at King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH)
Speech Title: Healthcare-Associated Infections A Threat To Patient Safety


Mrs. Stephanie El-Khoury
Healthcare Executive Consultant
Speech Title: Enhancing Staff Involvement in Hospital Management: A Customized Electronic Health Record in Africa


Mr. Carl Dowling
Paramedic Educator
Speech Title: Existing Barriers with Healthcare Workers who Work in the Emergency Medical Services from Low-Income to Middle-Income Countries Accessing Affordable Continuous Medical Education due to their Low Rated Currency When Converted to the United States Dollar


Ms. Hanouf Sonbol
Project Manger in PHM, Health care excellence Executive Office , MHC
Speech Title:
Encouragement Strategies for Mandatory Professional Development In Nursing


Dr. Nazia Usmani
Quality control specialist- acting head of quality and patient safety, Saudi Arabia
Speaker Title: Improving Pain Assessment In The Emergency Department And Its Impact On Overall Patient Experience In Their Pain Management


Ms. Amal Ibrahim
ME Organizing Secretariat, UCGCONFERENCES
Speech Title: Stress Factors, Stress Levels, and Coping Mechanisms among University Students


Ms. Roua Aman
Nurse Specialist, Erada Mental Health, Dammam
Speech Title: Impact Of Resilience At Work


Dr. Noor Alkhori
Sidra Medicine
Speech Title: The ACR Appropriateness Criteria: A Giant Step Towards Evidence Based Imaging


Ms. Shaima Al Muqaimi
Senior staff nurse ( Midwife) , MSc in Nursing, Khoula Hospital
Speech Title: Exploring The Experiences Of Nurses During The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Critical Review Of The Qualitative Literature


Dr. Ahmed Aladawy
Strategy and Corporate Development Advisor at Dubai Health Authority
Speaker Title: Quality Sustainability Challenges In Healthcare


Ms. Maria Sheila Zarsadiaz
Speech Title:
Mechanisms and Efficacy of Heat and Cold Therapies


Dr. Turki Alsebhan
Senior specialist and researcher in healthcare services administration NM. Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, KPI’s, PMP, CPD
Speech Title: The Impact of Working Environment Components on Local and Expatriated Nurses Job Satisfaction, Burnout, and Intention to Leave in The GCC and Jordan Hospitals


Prof. Paulchris Okpala
D.HSc, MHA, MPA, RCP, CRT, Professor, Health Sciences, California State University
Speech Title: Using Technology to Ameliorate the Effects of Healthcare Staff Shortages during Pandemics


Dr. Noor Alkhori
Sidra Medicine
Speech Title: Special Considerations in the Imaging of Women and Children


Ms. Abier Hamami
Managing Director High Reliability Healthcare Consulting-LLC
Speaker Title: From Theory to Practice: Applying High Reliability Organization Concepts in Healthcare through the Power of Operating Systems


Mr. Robert Dorsett
Amana Healthcare
Speech Title:The Effectiveness of Peer Support Group in Stroke Rehabilitation


Mr. Martin Monteagudo Farina
Quality and Patient Safety Department, Amana Healthcare
Speech Title:
Reduction of Unplanned Transfers to Acute Care from a Long-Term Care Facility A quality improvement project

Day 2 Speakers


Dr. Wisam Khalid Abduljabbar Al-Janabi
Medical Advisor at Marina Company & Laparoscopic surgeon & Senior Lecturer at Almustansiriyah medical college/ Baghdad
Speaker Title: Surgical safety in Iraq Challenges & Solutions


Prof. Annegret Hannawa
Associate Professor, Faculty of Communication, Culture & Society
Speech Title: Horizons Of Safe Communication: What Have We (Not Yet) Done?


Dr. Essam Hamed Amin Ali
ADESA Healthcare Services
Speech Title:Patient Safety Culture


Dr. Minnah Mahmoud
General practitioner, Healthcare Specialist, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City
Speech Title: Science Of Healthcare Delivery In MENA Region. Optimising Care Delivery, Current And Future Challenges


Dr. Sahar Mohmed
Capital Health
Speech Title: Rehabilitation, Who Is The Leader Throughout The Recovery Process, And What Do We Need To Know?


Dr. Nagham Abu Shaqra
Family Doctor, Women’s Health Specialist and Senior Project Management Specialist
Speaker Title: From Concept to Action: Establishing Jordan’s Maternal Mortality Surveillance and Response System


Dr. Badriya Mohamed Al Riyami
Senior Nursing Tutor, OCHS
Speech Title:
Nurses And Doctors’ Views And Experiences Of Workplace Violence In The Emergency Department: Results From Oman


Ms. Raheela Hashmi
Mediclinic Alnoor JCIA Hospital
Speech Title: Significance of implementing, international patient safety goals in outpatient care setting at Mediclinic Alnoor, JCIA Hospital


Ms. Haila Nasser A. Aloud
Radiology specialist
Speech Title:
Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Technique Alternative To Intervention Procedure


Dr. Zuhur Altaymani
Nursing Education Manager , PhD in Nursing Science
Speech Title: Individual Perceptions Related To Fall Risk Among Older Adults In An Acute Care Setting In Saudi Arabian Hospital


Prof. Len Gelman
Chair & Professor at University of Huddersfield
Speaker Title: New Low-Cost, Non-Invasive, Radiation-Free Vibration Technology And Clinical Tool For Early Automatic Diagnosis Of Osteoporosis And Bone Fractures In Patients


Ms. Nouf Al-Aklabi
Ministry of Health
Speech Title: Evaluation of Public Health Education and Practice from the Perspectives of Public Health Academicians, Postgraduate Students, and Alumni in Saudi Arabia


Mr. Faisal Alotaibi
MSc, CPHQ, C-KPI, currently Patient Safety Specialist at Saudi Patient Safety Center
Speech Title: Saudi Arabia Safe Nurse Staffing: From Table To Implementation


Dr. Bader Alshdadi Alharbi
Emergency Medicine physician
Speech Title: Assessment Of Patient Safety Culture Among Nurses In Saudi Hospitals


Mr. Mohamed Amine Meddeb
Speech Title: Description Of The Use Of Facebook By Virtual Nurse Friends In Tunisia


Dr. Jose Francisco Sanchez Cuellar
Neurosurgery at the Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado University, in Venezuela
Speaker Title: Wrong Level in Spinal Surgery


Dr. Phuc Hong Ngoc Nguyen
PMD, MPH, University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Speech Title: Medical Tourism: Gains And Burdens In Developing Countries

Day 3 Speakers


Dr. Lizabeth Reents
CHSE CNE CCRNk Adjunct Nursing Professor for Lab, Simulation, and Clinical University of Washington Bellevue College
Speaker Title: 
Simulation And Improving Clinical Judgment In Prelicensure Nursing Students: A Mixed Method Approach


Dr. Adel Omar Bataweel
King Fahad Medical City
Speech Title:
Personality Traits, Thinking Styles, and Emotional Intelligence in Nursing, towards Healthcare Providers’ Characterization and Safer Patient Care


Ms. Helen Eivers
Go M.A.D Thinking
Speech Title: How to Make a Difference


Prof. Rkia Eddabra
Higher Institute of Nursing Professions and Health Techniques. Health Sciences, Epidemiology and Human Pathologies. Health Sciences and Environment Research Laboratory (LabReSSE). Agadir, Morocco
Speech Title:
 Miliary Tuberculosis: A Report Of 12 Cases


Dr. Saydia Wesley
University of Oxford
Speech Title:
 The RESPOND Study: Using Human Factors and Ergonomics to Reduce Failure to Rescue Rates

Dr. Yojhan Quiñonez_12th International Nursing, Healthcare & Patient Safety Conference

Dr. Yojhan Quiñonez
Department of Neurosurgery. Instituto Autónomo Hospital Universitario de los Andes.
Speaker Title: Management Of Degenerationiva And Pain Of Discogenic Origin By Intradiscal Injection Of Sulfate Of Magnesio Clinical Trial


Dr. Evangelia Michailidou
ICU DIRECTOR at General Hospital of Agrinio, Anaesthesiologist- Intensivist
Speech Title: Human Error And Management In Gynecological And Obstetric Cases

Ms. Annette Van Ginkel_12th International Nursing, Healthcare & Patient Safety Conference

Ms. Annette Van Ginkel
Princess Noorah University, Riyadh
Speech Title: Non Compliance In Type 1 Diabetics Treatment Plan


Dr Jimena Alvarez del Castillo Gonzalez
University of Guadalajara
Speech Title: Evaluation and Improvement of the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed surgical safety checklist for adults used in pediatric patients at the Nuevo Hospital Civil de Guadalajara Dr Juan I Menchaca.Quality Improvement Project.


Dr. Samy Abu Shawish
UNRWA health centers
Speech Title:
 Healthcare Providers and Beneficiaries’ Perspectives about Patient Safety at UNRWA Health Centers in Gaza


Mr. Rami Alkhleitit
Speaker Title: (The importance of training medical team on the electronic health record system (EHR)


Dr. David J. Shulkin, M.D.
President & Chief Executive Officer Shulkin Solutions, Inc. Washington D.C. New York, NY Philadelphia, PA

In the year 2020, David J. Shulkin, M.D., became member of the Board of Directors. He has been President and CEO of Shulkin Solutions, Inc. since 2018, company that promotes healthcare innovation and advocates for veterans and marginalised groups. 
Dr. Shulkin worked for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (the “VA”) from 2015 to 2018, including as Secretary of the VA from 2017 to 2018 and as Under Secretary for Health from 2015 to 2017.

Mrs. LeAnn Thieman
Founder and President of SelfCare for HealthCare, Iowa, United States


LeAnn Thieman, well-known author, lecturer, and nurse was “accidentally” included in the Vietnam Orphan Airlift in 1975. 
In her book, This Must Be My Brother, she tells the story of the heroic rescue of 300 infants she participated in as Saigon fell to the communists. 
She struggled through extraordinary conditions as an average person and mustered the fortitude to prevail.

Mr. Jon Melton

Residence: American Fork, Utah, Education: Brigham Young University, BA – Journalism, Fullerton College,
AA – Marketing, Positions: General Manager: Sleep Utah, LLCGeneral Manager: Dental Pros of Utah, LLC, CEO/Founder:Pai Ventures, LLC
Marketing: Mendit Medical, LLC

For more than 30 years, Mr. Melton has travelled across the country and around the world instructing individuals in business matters,
such as the need of properly establishing a company and conducting effective marketing campaigns. He has also founded and managed a
number of small enterprises during those three decades, including printing, juice, restoration, and consulting firms. Mr. Melton has a wealth
of expertise in the medical industry, having worked inthe operatory to the surgery room. The climax of this journey has made him more aware
of theprotection of the company’s assets is essential, but more crucially, the owners.

Lt. Commander Robin Phoenix Johnson

Lt. Commander Robin Phoenix Johnson





Dr. Janelle Ali-Dinar, Ph.D.
Vice President, Strategy & Business Development at Self-care for HealthCare, Iowa, United States

With more than 15 years of executive healthcare expertise in many crucial areas, including critical access hospitals (CAHs), rural health clinics (RHCs), physicians, and patients, Janelle Ali-Dinar, PhD, is an expert and advocate for rural healthcare. On Capitol Hill, Dr. Ali-Dinar is a sought-after lecturer. Janelle, a former hospital CEO and regional rural strategy executive, has also served as president of the Nebraska Rural Health Association, a member of the Rural Congress, and a rural fellow for the National Rural Health Association.
She now serves as co-chair of Rural Health and Partnerships on the Regional Health Equity Region VII council and is the Nebraska DHHS chair of The Office of Minority Health Statewide Council, which addresses the needs of rural, public, minority, tribal, and refugee health. Janelle has a doctoral and master’s degrees in communications and has just earned a degree in public health leadership. In addition to serving on the editorial board of RACmonitor, Janelle is currently MyGenetx’s vice president of rural health.


Dr. Jeffrey L. Gurian
Dentist and Comedian, United States

Raymond Gurian, a liquor salesman, and Marjorie Gurian welcomed Jeffrey Gurian into the world in the Bronx neighbourhood of New York City in 1956.
Gurian went to William Taft High School and Hunter College for his postsecondary education. Gurian received his dental degree from Temple University’s
Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry after completing his undergraduate studies. The New York Times claims that he was “in regular trouble over his coiffure, his attire, and his laidback lifestyle” there. Former stutterer Gurian has frequently appeared on Frank Morano’s WABC770AM radio show, “The Other Side of Midnight,” where he has talked about his recovery.Gurian has stated that he only stutters in front of other people, which led him to realise that stuttering might be treated. Gurian said, “I believed.”

Dr. Anurag Nair

Dr. Anurag Nair
Director of Santhigram Foundation

Director Dr. Anurag Nair is a health futurist who is interested in both complementary and traditional medicine and is a student of modern medicine.He has served as vice president of Santhigram Wellness Kerala Ayurveda USA since 2016. He has been the CEO of Santhigram Herbals since 2017.He has played a key role in enabling Traditional Indian Medical Sciences to achieve international acclaim. With the opening of the SanthigramToronto Center, he played a crucial role in bringing the brand to Canada. He also played a significant role in the creation of Santhigram’s nonopioid pain management techniques. He has been instrumental in partnering with organizations in the domains of biostatistics, health informatics, and AI-based data analytics since he is a fervent supporter of statistical research-centered approaches. He worked there from 2015 to 2016.

Dr. Karla Ivankovich PhD, NCC, LCPC, BC-TMH

Dr. Karla Ivankovich PhD, NCC, LCPC, BC-TMH

President and Co-Founder of OnePatient Global Health Initiative 

Dr. Karla Ivankovich is the president and co-founder of One Patient Global Health Initiative, an international best-selling author,board certified clinical counselor, educator, and highly awarded mental health expert. She has earned multiple advanced Master’sdegrees from the University of Illinois system, in both Human Development Counseling and INO-Disability Studies. While thereshe also completed extensive post-graduate course work in Educational Leadership, and Doctoral Superintendency. At NorthcentralUniversity Dr. Karla went on to earn a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Psychology with special emphasis on the Biopsychosocial Aspectsof Health. She proudly serves as an adjunct faculty member in both the graduate Clinical Mental Health Counseling program for NorthPark University, Chicago, and for the undergraduate Psychology program at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Mr. Lee Tomlinson

Mr. Lee Tomlinson
Ted speaker on Compassion in Healthcare

The life’s work of “Patient Lee” is to motivate medical professionals to reinstate compassionate C.A.R.E. at the forefront of contemporary
medicine in order to benefit their patients, coworkers, the financial health of their hospitals, and perhaps most significantly, themselves.
Finding his goal was anything but simple. “Patient Lee,” an award winning television producer, owner of a film studio, former professional athlete,
and speaker for TED, is still alive today thanks to a lifetime of consistent, incredibly successful medical care and profoundly caring attention.


Ms. Annette Davis Jackson
U.S. Senate 

Annette Davis Jackson (Republican Party) ran for election to the U.S. Senate to represent Georgia.
She will not appear on the ballot for the general election on November 8, 2022.Jackson completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection
survey in 2022. Click here to read the survey answers. Jackson was a 2016 Republican candidate for District 55 of the Georgia State Senate.

Annette Davis Jackson completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey in 2022. The survey questions appear in bold and are followed by Jackson’s responses. Candidates are asked three required questions for this survey, but they may answer additional optional questions as well.

Ms. Leola W. Williams

Ms. Leola W. Williams

Experienced Registered Nurse

Registered nurse with experience who has a track record of working in the government administration sector.
skilled in case management, patient education, and medical-surgical procedures.
Strong healthcare services professional with a University of Phoenix Master’s degree in Nursing Science.
The key to affecting global health and wellness holistically is by providing assistance to others, according to the
organization’s mission statement. Lifelong Empowered Clearly Everlasting (LEOLA)


Mrs. Laurin Mooney

Founder of SpeakingIN, RN MS

As a result of her life experiences as an ED nurse, Off-Shift Administrative/Clinical Supervisor, and patient advocate for family members, she began seeking for the answers to the following two questions: “How can it be that we are harming the same folks we want to help?” as well as “What must change if we are to achieve the desired results?” She started out as a legal nurse consultant. But she knew straight away that Ishe wanted to concentrate on learning how to halt or avoid harm in real time. A healthcare corporate liability expert witness with a strong focus on safety then gave her advice.


Dr. Claire Sorenson, M.D.
Associate Director, Standards Development and Interpretation Joint Commission International, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, United States (US)

Dr. Claire Sorenson was born and reared in Wisconsin before moving to Chicago in 2008 to attend Loyola University’s nursing school.
She spent nearly 15 years in the city after graduation, concentrating in the high-acuity, high-stress situations of the NICU, PICU, and case management. Her unwavering commitment to her career and her coworkers provided her with unparalleled insight into the motivations, pressures, and breaking points of healthcare workers at all levels, particularly those on the front lines. 


Prof. Leina Alrabadi, M.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics – Gastroenterology
Member, Maternal & Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI)
Stanford Children’s Health, Stanford University. Stanford, California 94305

Prof. Leina Alrabadi appreciate working with a multidisciplinary team to provide treatment for individuals with complicated medical needs in order to provide a brighter future for children. Her main focus as a clinical researcher is on developing better medicines for autoimmune and cholestatic liver illnesses, as there is currently no optimum treatment.

  • Board Certification: American Board of Pediatrics, Transplant Hepatology (2020)
  • Fellowship: UCSF Pediatric Transplant Hepatology (2019) CA
  • Board Certification, Pediatric Gastroenterology (2019)
  • Fellowship: Yale University Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship (2018) CT
  • Board Certification: American Board of Pediatrics, Pediatrics (2015)
  • Residency: Texas Tech University Pediatric Residency (2015) TX
  • Medical Education: Royal College of Surgeons In Ireland School of Medicine (2010) Ireland

Dr. Tom OBryan

Dr. Thomas O’Bryan is a renowned expert in wheat, its effects on health, and the emergence of autoimmune illnesses both inside and outside of the intestines. He is also a highly sought-after lecturer and workshop facilitator. A study into the global effects of problems underpinning the autoimmune system and chronic disease was published by Dr. O’Bryan in November 2016 under the title Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They’re Not Telling You. The documentary has been viewed by more than 500,000 people globally.

Dr. O’Bryan is regarded as a “Sherlock Holmes” of chronic illness and metabolic diseases, arguing that the secret to good health lies in understanding the underlying causes of these conditions. He is a member of the National University of Health Sciences’ faculty and The Institute for Functional Medicine’s teaching faculty. Tens of thousands of practitioners worldwide have received his advanced training and certification in the relationship between wheat sensitivity and the emergence of specific autoimmune illnesses.


Mrs. Yvette Bonilla, LMSW
Owner and CEO of Suicide Care Consulting Services
Virtual Location – New Haven, Connecticut, USA

In order to establish care transition protocols that lower suicide rates, raise patient involvement and satisfaction, and lower expensive readmission rates, she collaborates with inpatient hospital systems.
She has direct knowledge of the revolving door effect’s tragic results. It can upend the lives of patients and their loved ones, diminish provider morale and the calibre of their job, increase labour costs for executives, and damage the hospital system’s brand.


Dr. Linda Anne Kahn CLT – LANA, NCTBMB, CMT, CDT
President Lymphatic Therapy Services of San Diego, 3282 Governor Drive, San Diego, Ca 92122

Linda-Anne is a Lymphedema Therapist, Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Integrative Health Coach, and Beauty Therapist with international training. She is also a Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist with an international certification. Dr. Vodder School in Austria, Dr. Foeldi School in Germany, and Dr. Casley-Smith School in Australia have all certified her. The Dr. Vodder school requires her to recertify every two years, and she attends conferences and workshops on a regular basis.
Linda-Anne is a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA), CIDESCO International, the National Lymphedema Network (NLN), the National American Holistic Aromatherapists (NAHA), and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), as well as NAVALT’s past Vice President. 

Dr. Mary Sukumar

Anesthesiologist with more than 30 years of experience in the hospital and healthcare sectors, with a focus on administration and
interprofessional education. Currently a Simulation Fellow at the Milton S. Hershey Clinical Simulation Center of Penn State University
in Pennsylvania.c ommitted to improving anaesthesia education and healthcare as a whole through the use of simulation.actively interested in health professional training, promoting patient safety, quality, and sustainability issues.

PROMPT, BLS, ACLS, and PALS instructor
Certified member of the John Maxwell Team
Powered MBA
regarded as a mentor and leader who is incredibly motivated


Dr. Marilyn Bui, MD, PhD
Senior Member and Professor of Pathology, Scientific Director of Analytic Microscopy Core
Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida, United States

Dr. Marilyn M. Bui, MD, PhD, FCAP, is a senior member of Moffitt Cancer Center’s Department of Pathology. Dr. Bui is the Analytic Microscopy Core’s scientific director, the section head of Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology, and the President of the Medical Staff (July 2018-June 2020). She is also a professor at the University of South Florida (USF) Morsani College of Medicine and the director of the Cytopathology Fellowship. She earned her medical doctorate in Beijing, China, then went on to the University of Florida for her residency and fellowship. She also holds a PhD in Molecular Pathology and Immunology from the University of Florida, as well as certifications in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology and Cytopathology from the American Board of Pathology.

Dr. Neelam Chanda, Ph.D., M.S.N., R.N.
Associate Professor, 
School of Nursing, CSU Fresno, 2345 E. San Ramon, Ave M/S MH 25, Fresno, CA 93740-8031, Office MH 289
PhD School of Nursing, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

Dr. Neelam Chanda is an Associate Professor at California’s Fresno State University.
In 2005, she received her doctorate in nursing from the University of California, San Francisco. Mental health nursing across the health-illness spectrum, research, and leadership and management are some of my key teaching interests. My background as a psychiatric nurse, as well as her work experience in a mental health practice and clinical teaching expertise in this field, have equipped me well for this position. Her most recent passions involve online education content creation, course instruction, and delivery.

She is looking forward to learning more about her colleagues and their vital work at the World Congress on Health Care Management and Patient Safety.


Dr. Ronald Wyatt, M.D., MHA
Vice-President and Patient Safety Officer of MCIC Vermont, 2 Ravinia Drive, Suite 400 Atlanta, GA 30346

As vice president and patient safety officer, Ronald Wyatt, MD, joined MCIC Vermont in January 2020.
Wyatt was formerly the chief quality and patient safety officer of Cook County Health, one of the nation’s biggest public health systems, before joining MCIC Vermont. He worked at the Hamad Medical Corporation in Doha, Qatar, as the chief of patient safety and quality. Wyatt was the Joint Commission’s first patient safety officer, and he helped to achieve national patient safety goals in that capacity.

Wyatt is a faculty member of the ACGME Disparity Collaborative and a member of the ACGME Clinical Learning Environment Review Committee. He is also a member of a number of boards, including the IHI Certified Professional in Patient Safety, the Society to Prevent Diagnostic Problems, and the Society to Prevent Diagnostic Failures.

Ms. Karen D. Walker

Ms. Karen D. Walker

President/CEO of NLA International



Dr. Alina G Bridges, M.D., PhD.
Director of Immunodermatology, Mayo Clinic,
3 Madison Ln Cincinnati, OH 45208, Cincinnati, Ohio

With over 20 years of expertise in Dermatology, Dermatopathology, and Immunodermatology, am successful
and imaginative
leader. Dr. Bridges is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult inflammatory and neoplastic situations, 
as well as hospital and cosmetic dermatology. In the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology, and test creation, 
she has conducted academic and pharmaceutical research. 
She gives talks all around the globe, writes lot, and has mentored hundreds of people. 
She is the emeritus director of Mayo Clinic’s Dermatopathology Fellowship. 

Dr. James F. Jordan, M.D., PhD.
Distinguished Service Professor Of Healthcare And Biotechnology Management, 5000 Forbes Ave, Hamburg Hall, Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890

James F. Jordan is a renowned specialist in market development and assisting the successful establishment of entrepreneurial startup enterprises in the Life Sciences Industry. He has worked for Fortune 20 companies throughout the world.

Jordan has successfully launched new sales teams and implemented corporate image and brand footprint efforts at various firms. He is an extraordinary strategic thinker focused on corporate strategy formulation and implementation. He has a proven track record of delivering substantial company growth and dramatically decreased time-to-market on new products, having led more than 30 new product development activities.

Jordan has experience in supply-chain management, lean manufacturing, and six-sigma tool deployments. He has built various unique procedures in those particular areas using his passion in combining technology, brand management, and business planning. His channel experience spans 23 years.


Dr. Michael W Retsky, M.D., PhD.
Molecular & Integrative Physical Science Programme Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health USA

Michael Retsky (University of Chicago, Ph.D. in Physics) switched careers thirty years ago to work on cancer research. 
He works at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Boston-based Angiogenesis Foundation. 
He is also member of the University College London faculty. 
He spent 12 years on Judah Folkman’s Harvard Medical School staff. 
Retsky is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Bioequivalence and Bioavailability and the Editor-in-Chief of Nature/Springer book on breast cancer due out in 2017. He is co-founder of the Colon Cancer Alliance and serves on its Board of Directors. He has published over 60 publications in the fields 
of physics and cancer. In 1994, he was diagnosed with stage IIIc colon cancer. 
He chose against utilising standard maximum tolerated chemotherapy based on his earlier study on tumour growth and
therapy. Instead, he employed low-dose, long-term therapy with the standard colon cancer medicine 5-fluorouracil, which he delivered daily with portable infusion pump. 
The therapy was non-toxic and appears to have succeeded because he has not relapsed and the risk of relapse has passed. 
In 1996, this was explored with Judah Folkman and Tim Browder, and this therapy was tested in the Folkman lab. 
Browder et al. reported their findings in 2000, and the technique is now known as metronomic chemotherapy. 
Browder et al’s publication from Cancer Research in 2000 is citation classic. 
Because both Folkman and Browder are no longer alive, Retsky (the cancer patient) is the only one who can tell the narrative of 
how metronomic treatment was started.

Dr. Ana Gomes, DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC
Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner New England Psychiatry, PC Telemedicine in MA and NH 100 Merrimack St. Suite 205E 
69 Technology Way Suite 4E9 Lowell MA, 01852 | Nashua NH, 03060

Since June of 2018, Ana has worked as a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in a variety of settings, including seasonal, residential, outpatient, inpatient, and government facilities. Ana works with psychiatric patients of all ages who have complicated mood and anxiety disorders, as well as concomitant substance use disorders, dual diagnosis, eating disorders, psychosis, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She speaks fluent English and Portuguese and is intermediate in Spanish, and she has a strong interest in global public health and disaster medicine, which helps her treat a wide range of patients. Ana emphasises treating the full individual by combining psychopharmacology with a holistic approach to treatment.
She earned a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences with a chemistry specialisation from Salem State University. She began her medical career as a CNA at Lahey Burlington while completing this degree, when she fell in love with nursing. Ana went on to Regis College following graduation and received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with honours in 2017. She graduated with honours with a Master of Science in Nursing as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in 2018.
She completed her study while working as a PMHNP on the North Shore, earning a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, with her capstone project focusing on a mobile health app for self-care. In the year 2020, Ana received her bachelor’s degree with honours.


Mrs. Antigone E. Kokalias
Associate Director, International Standards and Interpretation at Joint Commission International

She is a Business manager who prioritises results and has a track record of success in nursing logistics, programme planning, workforce optimization, projects, staff development, and management of patient care, critical care planning, strategic planning, and policy development. Utilize your great interpersonal, communication, and presenting abilities. Create and oversee high-performing healthcare teams in hectic settings. Interaction with various executive populations in the industry. Operations in business and medicine are adjusted and examined. Create and implement strategies.


Dr. Leslie Cadet
Occupational & Environmental Medicine Physician

Dr. Cadet is distinguished Air Force Veteran whose work as Flight Surgeon supported Operations INHERENT RESOLVE and ENDURING FREEDOM  and helped to ensure the success of 1,080 combat missions and 2,000 airlift missions. She was assigned as the Medical Director of the Flight Medicine Clinic, where she oversaw 23 employees in smooth clinical operations to treat over 700 beneficiaries while also processing clearances for overseas/special operational duty for the base’s population of about 5,100 active
troops.  them excellent care.

Ms. Lisa Purtue
SAC Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor at Acadia Healthcare

Licensed substance abuse counsellor with track record of providing MAT OTP addiction treatment services in residential, ATR,
and community settings. competent in leadership, communication, and customer service. 
Strong work ethic; now pursuing master’s degree at Mount Mary University with clinical mental health counselling (LPC) and substance
addiction counselling focus. 
Currently an NAADAC 2022 Fellow!


  • Mount St. Mary’s University
  • Marian University of Fond du Lac
  • Moraine Park Technical College

Dr. Fernando Carvalho
Dr. Fernando Carvalho is an accomplished designer, researcher, and educator with more than fifteen years of experience working in a range of academic and professional settings worldwide. My art has been shown in museums and galleries in the USA, Brazil, Spain, England, and Spain since 2005. He has a private practice and provides healthcare services, medical devices and hospital interiors, Paralympic sports accessories, civil construction equipment, signage, wayfinding, and digital solutions for organizations like the NHS, Memorial Hospital of South Bend, UNICEF, Heineken Brewers, Kiefer, Sony Music, and the Federation of Industries of Rio de Janeiro. He has worked on a variety of projects, including training program for craftspeople, undergraduate and graduate program, and after-school program for children in Rio de Janeiro’s “favelas.”


Dr. Liza Nicholson

All Rize, a nonprofit and digital platform for the promotion of positive news and experiences through empowering resources on health, tourism, and education, was founded and is run by Liza. The website enables inspiring community members to post articles and tales that highlight helpful resources that uplift and inspire. Additionally, All Rize will offer scholarships to Alabama-based first-generation college students in 2022. Liza is also a member of the Younger Women’s Task Force of Tuscaloosa’s founding board of directors and a youth mentor for the non-profit affiliate group that works to empower women and girls, fight for social justice, and advance gender equality.


Dr. Karen E. Hunter
Experienced nursing informatics executive with a proven track record of success in areas like as technology deployment,
workflow analysis, change management, and strategic planning with financial projections. a market-specific plan developed
by a transformational leader to fully operationalize the company’s vision and strategy. Result-driven leader with an analytical
and inquisitive attitude who is motivated to act morally while adding value.


Dr. Kent Haythorn
Senior Director, Clinical Services, Cardiac and Surgical Services

He have proven expertise in surgical operations and am a productive, energizing, creative leader with proven insight, inventiveness, and organizational techniques in addition to polished communication and interpersonal abilities. I support healthcare organizations in managing daily operations to boost productivity, efficiency, and customer happiness while ensuring regulatory compliance. As a member of the healthcare industry, he have helped to create
and put into place systems that are effective and economical in response to changes in the healthcare industry. He is also used knowledge of the NICU, ICU, ER, cardiac ICU, and rapid response teams to administer therapeutic treatments and provide direct patient care.


Maria Sheila Garcia
Founder of PurHeart

Maria Sheila Garcia, Sr Business Executive Analyst with 20+ yrs in SW App Dev/Re-engineering/B2B in Healthcare, Financial and Mfg Industries, At PurHeart, we believe that every person deserves to live pain-free. We have developed high-quality, sustainable, comfortable ice and heat treatments designed to reduce inflammation, control pain, and promote healing. Adopting the ancient Egyptian belief that the heart is the center of a person’s being, we strive to provide patient-centered
care rooted in the belief that every person is worthy of healing.
PurHeart’s Gel Packs are perfect for those looking for an all-natural, patient-centered solution to pain relief. Made with love and intention, our gel packs are designed to flexibly and comfortably fit every part of your body. Whether you’re suffering from an injury, or chronic pain, or need some relief, our gel packs are a modern treatment solution for all.