Critical care, Trauma and Emergency Medicine

Trauma care is given to patients in trauma centers. The victims of severe trauma are usually accident victims as opposed to a direct medical condition. Trauma care is a sort of subset of critical care.

Emergency medicine deals with immediate life-threatening injuries and medical conditions. Critical care medicine is the ongoing care of a patient who is dangerously ill or requiring advanced care.

Emergency Medicine Critical Care (EMCC) is a subspecialty of emergency medicine that deals with the care of the critically ill. EMCC specialists are qualified to work in both emergency departments and intensive care units. They have unique skills in resuscitation, ventilator management, complex procedures, ultrasound, hemodynamic monitoring, and team leadership.

Trauma and critical care is an important aspect of medical treatment. Immense care, attention, accurate decision making skills is required in such conditions. Journal of Trauma and Critical Care would like to serve the research and academic community dealing with critical medical issues involving trauma, critical care and emergency medicine.This is a peer reviewed open access journal dedicated to disseminate valuable scientific information in relation to the above mentioned subject category. Articles from the elite academic community contributing novel information are welcome in the form of a research, review articles, case reports, short communication, Editorial etc.

List of the best Healthcare Simulation University in the world

• Ross University School of Medicine Simulation Institute
EAGLES Center (Engaging Active Group Learning Environments in Simulation)
• CHS Experiential Learning and Simulation Center
• UAB Simulation Consortium
• Office of Interprofessional Simulation
Pediatric Simulation Center
• Health Sciences Simulation Center
• Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professions Simulation Center
• The Learning and Technology Resource Center
Institute for Patient Safety and Medical SImulation

List of Healthcare Simulation Association

Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH)
• Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE)
• Human Patient Simulation Network (HPSN)
• Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare (ASSH)
International Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH)
• International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS)
• New Zealand Association for Simulation in Healthcare
• Dutch Society for Simulation of Healthcare (DSSH)
Society for Simulation in Healthcare Singapore (SSHS)
• Global Network for Simulation in Healthcare (GNSH)

List of Healthcare Simulation Society

• HealthStream.
• i-Human Patients.
• IKONA Health.
• Ingmar Medical.
• Intelligent Video Solutions.
Intelligent Ultrasound.
• InSimo.
• Nasco Healthcare
• UbiSim

List of Healthcare Simulation Company

• Health Scholars
International Pediatric Simulation Society
• MedVision
• Limbs & Things
• MedAffinity
Intelligent Video Solutions
• DiaMedical USA
• Ford AV
• Medical-X
Intelligent Ultrasound

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Sub-tracks of Healthcare Simulation

• Healthcare
• Simulation modelling
• Healthcare Simulation
• Medical Education
• Hybrid simulation
• Electronic health
• Simulation
• Clinical pathways
• Coronary surgery
• medical