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UCGConferences has been an accredited provider of CME/CPD/CE, and worked with other programs as a joint provider for over 10+ years.

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The 14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference is a collection of educational activities on various subjects presented by several speakers, which are brought together by UCG into a single program and are usually given live (in person or electronically).

We understand the importance of continuing education for nursing professionals. Our conference has been meticulously planned and designed to provide you with valuable educational opportunities that meet the highest standards of CME, CE and CPD accreditation. Participate at the #14IHNPUCG, and join us in Dubai, UAE & Virtual, from July 25-27, 2024.

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Continuing Medical Education (CME) 

It is imperative that all licensed physicians provide proof of current knowledge, abilities, and suitability for continued practice. One way they might show they are dedicated to their professional development is by attending regular educational events. For the purpose of Continuing Medical Education (CME), also known as Continuing Professional Development, the College has set up a procedure for evaluating and, when necessary, approving surgical events in order to determine which are worthy of participation. An event must show that it is appropriate and has the potential to support surgeons’ or allied health professionals’ ongoing professional development in order to be accredited.

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CME accreditation receivers

CME_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

When a learning activity satisfies the necessary benchmarks and requirements for Continuing Professional Development, it is certified as CPD training. To guarantee integrity and quality, the learning value has undergone extensive scrutiny. CPD is the largest and most prominent independent CPD accreditation body in the world, with operations in every industry sector. In order to fulfill the Continuing Professional Development requirements and adhere to academic institutions’ and professional bodies’ standards, the CPD Certification Service offers support, guidance, and officially recognized CPD accreditation.

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CPD accreditation receivers

CPD_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Continuing Education (CE)

When a product bears the CE mark, it indicates that its producer is accountable for ensuring that it complies with all relevant European performance, health, safety, and environmental standards. The CE marking also signifies that the producer, importer, or person in charge of putting the product on the EU market is able to provide, upon request, the necessary technical documents to support the use of the mark. Certain directives give the responsible organisation the opportunity to submit a statement of conformity certifying that a product complies with the relevant directives. However, if the self-declaration claim is contested, the proper proof must be provided. Other directives will call for a special certificate from a recognised organisation, particularly those that deal with goods that have an impact on health and/or safety, such pressure vessels.

CE accreditation receivers

CE_14th International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference

Benefits of CME/CPD/CE accreditations

CME Benefits: 

  • Refine skills to improve overall patient care
  • Stay current with the latest developments within their specialty
  • Address real-world challenges that health care professionals face day to day
  • Gain professional growth and a means to advance career status
  • Meet licensing/certification requirements
  • Learn effective medical team management skills
  • Earn membership in professional organizations

CPD Benefits:

  • Keeping employee skills up to date.
  • Maintaining professional standards.
  • Building employee confidence.
  • Enhance career advancement.
  • Improve job satisfaction.
  • Maintaining high standards across the organisation.
  • Meet regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Improving employee commitment to their jobs.
  • Share best practice across the organisation.

CE Benefits:

  • CE Mark indicates the conformity of the product with the EU technical legislation,
  • CE Mark, a kind of product serves as a passport,
  • CE Mark is definitely not a quality mark and guarantee certificate,
  • The CE mark indicates the level at which quality starts.
  • CE Marked product is not possible to be rejected in EU countries with legal reasons related to norms.
  • The CE Mark is an indication of compliance with the new approach directives.

In order to provide you with relevant educational opportunities that meet the tightest CME, CPD and CE accreditation requirements, our conference has been thoughtfully planned and developed. Join us for the 14th International Nursing, Healthcare Management, and Patient Safety Conference from July 25–27, 2024, in Holiday Inn Dubai, UAE & Virtual.

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